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Welcome to Ira's

This c. 1880 general store means so much to so many people. When we moved to The Mills on July 3, 2000, with our one baby girl, Sue ran the place, and we loved it! By 2007, we had four girlies walking hand in hand down to the store for their Friday penny candy as we watched from our front stoop, and when Sue closed it was a tearful farewell. 19 years, one day (and one more girl!) later, Gloria Hutchins, the mayor of Milton Mills, who always kept an eye out for our kids from her porch and told us if ever she saw someone snatch them, she’d jump in her car and chase, cut the ribbon to mark the rebirth of this beloved store. We are blessed to have been passed the baton.
Lots of love from The Darlings!


Contact Us

48 Main Street, Milton Mills, NH 03872

Store Hours:
First Day of Summer Thru Labor Day
Monday-Friday, 7 am-8 pm

Saturday & Sunday, 9 am-5 pm
Hunker Down Season
Monday-Friday, 7 am-6 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9 am-4 pm

*Kitchen closes 45 minutes before close.*
*The soup kettle is on, and ice cream and snacks are available all day.*

Our food is really good, so please be patient if you arrive during a busy spell. It’s worth the wait. You can peruse the shop, rock and relax on the porch, or visit the serenity garden, planted in memory of Amy’s mom. It’s a place for the bees, the butterflies, and folk seeking peace for a few moments in this crazy, beautiful world.

*Please note that the store entrance consists of steps but we do have a portable ramp we can place to make it accessible by wheelchair. Please just call in and we are happy to set it out. 

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