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What's Inside

In present day Milton Mills,  Ira’s carries groceries, basic toiletries, medicines, and household items, as well as frozen food, soft drinks, milk, cheese, fresh produce, eggs, bulk foods, penny candy, vitamins, supplements, herbs, beer, wine, cigarettes, and lottery. We offer local meat, honey, produce, baked goods, and eggs and have a specialty food section including Stonewall Kitchen products, award winning olive oil, tasty shortbread cookies, and other special treats. In addition, we carry a fun selection of locally made gifts, toys, and artwork, as well as Haitian fair trade items, and Melissa and Doug toys. 


The times they are a-changin’...

So at Ira’s we are doing our best to be part of that change. 


*We minimize the use of single-use plastic if at all possible. 

*Our food service products are compostable and made from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane. 

*We bag in brown paper, but BYOB is even better. We also welcome you to bring your own containers for pantry items such as flour and sugar, and mason jars, cups, or growlers for kombucha, cold brew, self-serve coffee, or local maple syrup.

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