Events & Announcements

Independence Day 2022:
Monday July 4, 9AM-12PM
Independence Day is coming, and soon!!
It’s time to order your Peonies and Pastries pies! Wild Blueberry, Bumbleberry, and Tollhouse with or without nuts. Call to reserve!

And, you are invited to the ‘biggest little parade in NH'!
The Milton Mills 4th of July Parade will take place on Monday July 4th at 10AM.

If you want to be in it, no need to sign up ahead of time! We kick it ‘old school.’ Just show up at the Milton Free Public Library, 13 Main St, Milton Mills, NH BEFORE 10AM for line up, and our librarian, Betsy, will get you sorted, because at 10AM we roll. If you blink, you might miss it, BUT if you keep your eyes open, you will be part of something so sweet!!

If you have a goat in a boat, a special float, a chicken on a string, a unicycle, a bicycle, or tricycle, a wagon, a cool car, anything...(We’ve seen lizards, Guinea pigs, ponies. You name it!) come join in the fun!
Ira’s will have prizes for Best Bike, Awesome Animal, Coolest Car, Fun Float, and Celebratory Costume. Judges will be judging from the Ira's porch!

So directly after the parade, EVERYONE gather at Ira’s for prize recognition, the Pledge of Allegiance, AND music by Alec Thomas.
Those amazing pies will be in the building, as well as sparklers, campfire wood, and all the beverages and provisions you forgot to grab or didn’t know you needed. We will be open for food and coffee from 9AM-12PM. Then, the Darlings are hitting the lake to celebrate FREEDOM!! Happy 4th of July!


That pie though! And, here’s a throwback to when our Maeve (who now makes your yummy sandwiches) walked our old Irish Wolfhound, Molly, with KoolAid-dyed stars and stripes!! And, maybe our resident Scarecrow, Millie May Miller, will make an appearance in the parade again.

You guys! We are so thrilled!! This is not a joke.
We placed 3rd in WMUR’s Viewer’s Choice for best country store in NH!

To think, our beloved Gloria Hutchins, the mayor of Milton Mills, cut that grand opening ribbon only 6 months before the pandemic, and against all odds, here we are and thriving. We are filled with gratitude.

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